Lori Almeida

Chief Talent Officer, Leadership, based in New York

Creating an environment where smart, nice and unstoppable people do their best work for the world’s best organizations is no easy task. It requires bringing together critical thinkers, dazzling designers and thoughtful advisors. And it means building a culture that encourages innovation, champions collaboration and promotes excellence. For Lori, our chief talent officer, this is all in a day’s work.

Over the past decade Lori has developed and implemented effective HR strategies that support overall business objectives through employee relations, organizational design, change management and leadership development. Her expertise in helping managers achieve their goals without sacrificing employee morale has led to the publication of several eBooks, including CEO Best Practices for Establishing Goals for Your Management Team, Human Resources Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for CTOs and Best Practices for Establishing Goals for your Business Development Team.

Before joining us, Lori was director of human resources for Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, a law firm in New York City. She held that same title at Merkley + Partners, an advertising agency. Earlier in her career Lori was director of human resources at ABC Carpet & Home.

Lori earned a JD from the City University of New York School of Law. She received her undergraduate degree from Roger Williams University.

You can follow Lori on Twitter: @lorialmeida

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