Liana Dinghile

Group Strategy Director, EMEA, Brand development, based in London

Ask Liana about her heritage, and she will passionately and proudly declare her Sicilian roots, which keep her grounded as she crisscrosses the globe to spread her branding expertise.

Liana is particularly inspired by opportunities in emerging markets. Her ability to think creatively and illuminate the value of what companies do and deliver has resulted in effective branding strategies for numerous organizations and institutions.

Before joining us, Liana was head of consulting at Dragon Rouge. Among her high-profile global assignments was working with Dubai-based real estate developer Nakheel to launch Palm Jumeirah, the artificial archipelago shaped in the form of a palm tree. She also helped launch SkyLink the first and largest 3G mobile brand in Russia.

Prior to Dragon Rouge, Liana held senior client-side brand management positions at Visit London, British Airways and TUI Travel.

Liana is most inspired by life as you find it. The best creative stimulus there is.


August 2nd, 2012

Inspired by disheveled elegance

The time is upon us to celebrate courage, determination and immense achievement during the 2012 Olympic Games and the upcoming Read more

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White papers

February 27th, 2014

Create a Different Experience

Classic luxury brands, from Rolex to Chanel, are embracing new platforms and developing creative solutions so their brand’s history, values and aesthetic reach new consumers

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January 30th, 2013

TelecomFinance Conference

Telecoms is a complex industry by nature. The lines of distinction have blurred and as a result, so have customer relationships. Not to mention the pressure on prices and the complexity that faces the consumer as a result. So, in such a cluttered space, what can you can you call upon to differentiate, with what do you call upon to create value? The answer we believe is brand. Join Liana Dinghile, Group Strategy Director EMEA, to discover the commercial, operational and experiential value of reducing complexity by deploying the principles of Simplicity.

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