Christina Antonopoulos

Creative Director, Brand development, based in New York

Like her illustrious Homeric forbearers, Christina has traveled to many countries in an arc of achievement that lands her here at last, to what will surely rank among her greatest triumphs. Since joining us she has worked on campaigns and initiatives for Rotary and American Express, relying on her multicultural sensibility and expertise in directing staff through all phases of the creative process.

Her work is as wide-ranging as the career journeys that have taken her as far as Japan, South Africa, Chile and Australia. She has returned with numerous awards and featured work in Graphis, Type Directors Club, Print and Under Consideration—among others—for clients ranging from UNIQLO, Mercedes-Benz and Huawei to Nike, FedEx and Standard & Poor’s. Her ability to create and execute integrated strategic solutions spans the financial, entertainment, real estate, hotel, retail and non-profit industries.

Christina’s graphic creations are housed in the permanent archive of the Smithsonian, and have been exhibited at the Frankfurt Museum of Graphic Design and the National Maritime Museum in London.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Pratt Institute, Christina speaks French like a well-schooled tourist and Modern Greek like a native. She also professes a great, almost superstitious disdain for the numeral 2.



February 10th, 2014

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