Brian Rafferty

Global Director, Research Insights, Leadership, Research, based in New York

Brian holds a baccalaureate in math and physics, but ask him which teacher influenced his life most and he’ll mention the comp lit instructor who changed the way he thought about language. It’s that appetite for information across all arenas—as a child, his broad intellectual curiosity made him want to be an inventor—that makes Brian the ideal leader of our overall Research practice. His team digs into the facts and figures of our clients’ industries to mine powerful insights that build world-class brands. They translate complex data into clear, simple, purposeful ideas with the precision of—well, of physicists.

Brian has worked extensively for over a decade in marketing strategy, brand positioning, and quantitative and qualitative research, serving clients big and small across a variety of industries: financial services, professional services, high technology, retail, consumer goods, non-profit, health care and biotechnology.

Before joining Siegel+Gale, he spent four years as managing director of research and strategy at The Brand Union overseeing research and strategy projects for BlackRock, Pernod Ricard, Johnson & Johnson, Cadbury, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, HP, Coca-Cola, Alcatel-Lucent and others. Before that, he served as co-principal and managing director of boutique research and consulting firm Plaid, where he led business and product growth strategies for the United States Postal Service, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Voss Artesian Water. He also worked as a research and planning manager for New York ad agency Ferrell Calvillo, and as a senior executive for research consultancy Summus.

Brian was born and raised in France. In addition to his baccalaureate in math and physics from France’s Lycée Pasteur, he’s a graduate of Princeton University.

Follow Brian on Twitter: @btrafferty


January 28th, 2014

Apple's China Weakness

Every year, I am asked for the biggest surprise in the Global Brand Simplicity Index findings. In 2013, this was not a hard ques...

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White papers

May 26th, 2010

A Point of View on Logo + Identity Evaluation

Evaluating the creative output of a corporate identity project can be an arduous process, where personal taste is hard to isolate from other influencing factors. While research is not an all-in-one solution, if undertaken properly, it can provide valuable direction and contextualize internal opinions and decisions.

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March 5th, 2012

BRITE ’12 Conference

Now in its fifth year, Columbia University’s BRITE conference brings together hundreds of leaders from business, technology, media and marketing to discuss the ways in which technology and innovation are transforming the ways companies build and sustain great brands. Join Siegel+Gale Co-President and CEO Howard Belk and Global Director of Customer Insights Brian Rafferty as they present the findings of our Global Brand Simplicity Index and reveal why simplicity is an essential part of building and sustaining a lasting and profitable brand.

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