Austyn Stevens

Associate Creative Director, Brand development, based in New York

It didn’t take long for the word “Awesome” to become a synonym for Austyn.

Her signal talent became apparent almost immediately after her hire (Siegel+Gale traded two first-round picks to Ducduc and Laird & Partners to secure her), and, ever since, the results have been breathtaking and breakthrough logo, color, and visual systems for some of Siegel+Gale’s highest-visibility clients. She has uncluttered the world of academia with bold designs of bracing clarity for the Florida State University, created innovative card and layout designs to impress even the ever-innovating innovators of American Express, and fashioned the award-winning logo and visual system for

Such gifts are rarely encountered, and are rarer still when refreshingly unencumbered by the “enfant terrible” syndrome that so often accompanies recognized talent,–i.e., if there’s a cream pie handy, you’re likely to find it, too late, on your Aeron chair seat, or airborne and on-target, with “Awesome” completing the follow-through.

Married to another comedian (a professional), she loves dogs, pugs in particular, graduated Pratt, and, if she could, would design in her sleep.


February 8th, 2013


ScentWorld is the preeminent and largest scent and sensory marketing conference in the world. You'll hear leading minds in scent and sensory marketing research, technology and trends, and applications, as well as be inspired by a dynamic exhibition area where top global companies demonstrate their expertise, technology and solutions. Don’t miss Siegel+Gale's Austyn Stevens, associate creative director, and Andreas Ruggie, associate strategist, on the panel "Scent and Simplicity: Creating a Strategic Brand Experience" on Friday, February 8 from 10:30 – 11:15 am. They will discuss what makes scent effective in creating simple, holistic brand experiences.

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