How to improve customer loyalty using PinPoint™

Your brand touchpoints play a critical role in customer acquisition and loyalty. But which ones are most important? And how can you quantify their impact?

Thousands of organizations use Net Promoter Score (NPS) as their number one measurement of customer loyalty, tracking the percentage of customers who would recommend a company to others. But knowing your Net Promoter Score doesn’t tell you how you can increase it. We’ve taken the NPS metric one step further with our proprietary tool called PinPoint.

PinPoint quantifies the impact of each of your touchpoints on brand loyalty. We’re able to measure consumers’ satisfaction with individual components of your brand experience—your call center, signage, direct mail, product returns, website, TV advertising, interaction with your sales reps—and rank their relative importance.

PinPoint identifies which characteristics of touchpoints are sources of customer dissatisfaction, which are minimum expectations (noticed only if absent), and which are opportunities to delight and differentiate. By isolating your most effective channels for customer retention, PinPoint reveals the relative impact of each touchpoint on your total Net Promoter Score. Armed with that compelling data, you can make smarter choices about the optimal allocation of your marketing, sales and service dollars.


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