Brand management and social media strategy

Social media is a hot topic, and social media participation is exploding. In all likelihood, your organization has joined the conversation. But how effective is your program? Does it support your overall brand strategy?

Good use of social media attracts customers to your brand in new ways; poor use chips away at your credibility. A rational framework can make all the difference.

Since your participation in social media is part of your overall digital footprint, we view it in the larger context of your overall digital strategy—evaluating all potential applications in light of both your organizational objectives and your users' needs. Our recommended strategy is based on a practical evaluation of just what can be achieved through social media, and how it should contribute to your digital voice.

With specific emphasis on developing your social media Brand Voice, we produce detailed guidelines for generating on-brand content, maximizing brand exposure in a voice that is authentic and character-driven.

And, since a social media strategy is only as good as its ability to respond to market conditions, we provide you with the tools and training you need to follow the conversational train and jump on board at the most opportune moment. When a common thread connects a critical mass of users, or crowd behaviors emerge, you’ll be ready to engage effectively.


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One of the more interesting findings from our 2012 Global Brand Simplicity Index is that Google ranked #1 while Google+ ranked #87. With its iconic homepage and simple user interaction,...