Content strategy

Your customers face an endless array of competing content. How do you know if what you're trying to say makes a difference to them? And how can you stay true to your brand across a variety of platforms?

Content strategy has two sides: the What and the How. "What" is the information you need to communicate to meet your audiences’ needs and organizational objectives. "How" is the plan for developing, distributing and managing that information.

To develop a rational branded content strategy, we start with the What: analysis of the information your audience and your organization need to share. From this, we determine the key themes that will tell the most compelling story, educate or inspire the audience and provide a clear call to action. Then, we map out the specific ideas, topics and data elements that best support these themes—organizing the information in a way that reflects its relative importance to your users and organization.

Next, we approach the How: the practical, actionable plan for getting content into the hands and minds of your audience. We set editorial guidelines, generate or obtain content, classify this content in reusable modules and tag it to ensure consistent treatment of common information. A smart channel strategy identifies the most effective content delivery methods, and a governance process ensures efficiency and consistency in all aspects of approving, managing and updating content.

In the end, we provide you with an easy-to-use framework to generate clear, compelling and relevant content.


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