Chief Experience Officer Thomas Mueller speaks about the role of digital strategy in developing great brand experiences.

Mapping a total digital experience

Chief Experience Officer Thomas Mueller speaks about the role of digital strategy in developing great brand experiences.

Digital branding

Digital media enables an intimate interaction between your brand and your customers. In our digital practice, we extend your Brand Voice into a unique digital voice, and design fulfilling digital experiences.

Digital strategies

Your customers demand digital experiences that are both useful and usable. We identify new ways to meet their needs, and align everything you put online with your organization's goals.

Content strategy

Telling your story, promoting your offerings, providing real customer service—across multiple media channels—requires a solid framework. We align message, medium and process to make sure your content is on target, in voice, and efficiently delivered.

Brand management and social media strategy

With a genuine, consistent and appropriate voice, social media is a great way to create a dialogue and build customer loyalty. We take a pragmatic, sustainable approach, establishing multiple paths for you and your customers to connect.

Information architecture

Even the best information misses its target if your customers can't locate it. We structure your information so that finding everything and anything is quick, easy and intuitive within documents or digital experiences.

User interface design

An interface isn't just a facade, it's an experience. And in the digital space, the user experience is where your brand delivers on its promise—or not. Great experiences build brand recognition, inspire brand loyalty and, ultimately, drive business. We capitalize on your audiences’ behaviors and needs to design interfaces that are simple, efficient and satisfying.

Content development

Content may be king, but only if it serves both your organization and your audiences. We analyze the needs of both and craft content that tells your story, educates and inspires your audience and provides clear calls to action—all in your unique Brand Voice.

Prototype development

Learning early on what your users really want saves you time and money—and ensures the success of your digital experiences. Prototype testing can help you evaluate design concepts and gauge usability before your interface goes live. By creating small-scale models of your application throughout the design process, we capture user feedback and apply the findings to optimize information architecture and interface design, before committing to back-end development and launch.

Brand asset management

Web-based brand management is the simplest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to support decentralized brand and marketing teams. We provide intuitive tools that inform, empower and inspire your employees and partners as they create materials, train employees and encourage brand behaviors.

Motion graphics

Information comes to life through motion. When you need to depict complex data or tell detailed stories, we add depth to your user experiences through video and animation.


By leveraging our strategic development partners, we manage the entire development life cycle—from creating detailed functional and technical specifications to planning, building and implementing the proper content management system, infrastructure and server environments to support your organization's digital presence. Our attention to responsive design ensures your clients will enjoy a seamless experience across all devices—desktop, tablet, and mobile.


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