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Siegel+Gale New York

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Siegel+Gale Los Angeles

Siegel+Gale Los Angeles

North America

New York City

In the fashionable Chelsea district, the diverse and talented professionals of our NYC office work within sight of the Empire State Building, amidst the thunder and charm of North America's most populous city. New York City is the financial capital of the world, host to a plethora of international corporations, and a major center for media and the arts. New York has been our home and headquarters for more than 40 years; the base from which we serve many of our global clients as well as all clients in the eastern half of the US.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles—the capital of the motion picture industry, home to more museums per capita than anywhere else on earth, and the city where one in six residents works in a creative industry—has been deservedly called the "creative capital of the world." Our LA office is located in the bustling center of Westwood, near UCLA, the boulevards of Beverly Hills and the beaches of Santa Monica. It’s an ideal location from which to both serve and tap into the creative sector as well as a broad array of other corporations and institutions in the western half of the US.

San Francisco

This charismatic city sits at the intersection of myriad cultures. Since its founding, San Francisco has beckoned to immigrants from Asia and Latin America as well as the American East Coast. Proximity to Silicon Valley has increasingly linked the city's economy to the technology sector, and our client list from this office—located in the entrepreneurial SOMA district—is heavily tech-oriented.

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