Inspired by disheveled elegance

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The time is upon us to celebrate courage, determination and immense achievement during the 2012 Olympic Games and the upcoming Paralympic Games. The brand vision for these London Games is to inspire a generation and I can’t help but think about the many brands that have achieved just that in their lifetime.

So in the spirit of the London Games, I ask how many brands can ignite a passion for tradition and yet strive to break new ground? How many brands refuse to give up in the face of challenges or questions as to their value?

There are many I can think of but perhaps just one that truly stands out—and it’s Burberry.

I marvel how this iconic brand has successfully reinvented itself. And it continues to inspire a generation collection after collection, despite the knockoffs that are available anywhere. Some say to copy is the sincerest compliment but in the case of Burberry I beg to differ. Has it held them back from success? The answer is quantifiably no. If so, why have we been so inspired?

Here’s my brand credit where it’s due:

1. Passion
Burberry recaptures the very heart and soul of its brand year after year, line after line.

2. Spirit
I love how Burberry reimagines the spirit of disheveled elegance in all of its products and experiences, allowing it to manifest in different forms and be felt in different ways.

3. Participation
Allowing customers to create their own unique Burberry experience through different touchpoints—retail, the Internet—creates strong brand loyalty.

4. Creativity
Burberry excels in making the recognized also magical—giving it the sparkle and imagination you expect of a global megabrand.

5. Courage
This company has the courage to change assumptions and reimagine the future. People look up to the bold and respect the tenacity to keep evolving.

So as the London Games progress, we are also roused to inspire a generation—to get into the spirit of things and to participate in what will be, for most of us, a once in a lifetime experience. But I’m also interested in how London will continue to inspire people to achieve greatness. That longevity is the test of a great brand. It continues to work for Burberry and I for one am convinced that London has the same staying power.

Liana Dinghile is the group director of Strategy, EMEA, for the Siegel+Gale London office.

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