Companies in the media and entertainment industry turn to us to help them engage consumers with innovative brand experiences.

Forging strong relationships with empowered customers

Companies in the media and entertainment industry turn to us to help them engage consumers with innovative brand experiences.

Entertainment and media branding

The big picture

Content is more important than ever, but the way it is created, distributed and experienced has changed dramatically. Through digitization and the use of new devices, consumers have become curators of content, customizing consumption to meet their own specific needs and tastes. Business models have changed as tablets and smartphones are increasingly used to access movies, music, books and blogs on the go—and on demand.

At the same time, the social sphere has given every participant a voice, creating instant and constant feedback. Sharing has become an inherent part of the media experience across such exploding platforms as virtual gaming and especially social media. This has led to media and entertainment companies seeking partnerships with firms on the leading edge of innovation and change.

Ultimately, companies in this rapidly evolving industry still serve a traditional function—creating new experiences that engage audiences. When developing media branding strategies, the challenge is forging strong relationships with empowered consumers who have high expectations about the content they interact with. It’s also critical to build brands that reflect who they are today along with brand experiences that resonate across various channels and platforms.

Digital dominance

Technology strides have dramatically affected the value of content and distribution. Today’s consumers purchase individual music tracks for 99 cents, e-books for less than $10 and digital video downloads at a fraction of the cost of a DVD. They also expect news and other written content to be available free of charge. As a result, media and entertainment companies across the globe are under intense pressure to apply innovative thinking to traditional business models and create new revenue streams.

As consumers accelerate their use of online video, mobile applications and social media, finding ways to engage and interact with these users is more important than ever. But benefitting from the growth of these digital platforms means mastering a new set of skills and strategies. Creating a culture of innovation is a key element of this path forward, which includes the willingness to partner with entrepreneurial firms with game-changing ideas.

Breaking through the noise to differentiate brands

According to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, all information created from the dawn of civilization until 2003 now equals the amount that’s created on the Internet every two days. Put another way, the noise is deafening. We equip brands with the tools they need to clearly and effectively communicate their message through this noise—to be consistent, recognizable and truly heard.

A key part of this process is discovering and refining an organization’s Brand Voice™. We distill the attributes that capture a company’s distinctive tone, manner and style, separating it from the competition. Most importantly, developing a unique Brand Voice allows customers to make a direct, personal connection to a brand.

As the transformation to digital continues to gather pace, nobody can afford to stand still or rest on their laurels. We help media and entertainment companies develop a coherent digital strategy that deepens customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction. We can also anticipate what’s around the digital corner in order to leverage evolving technology, respond thoughtfully to new trends and keep a digital presence fresh. Another essential element is a striking visual identity that illuminates and enhances the core tenets of a brand across all touchpoints.

The media and entertainment industry is changing against a backdrop of digital, financial and global transformation. Facing rapid change and innovation, brands are rethinking old models and considering new options in presenting content to audiences. Those companies that drive growth through innovation and are committed to engaging consumers with powerful brand experiences will survive—and thrive—in today’s complex, multi-dimensional marketplace.


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