We specialize in helping travel and hospitality brands deliver seamless interactions and experiences, leading to more loyal customers.

Mapping out a simple, consistent brand experience

We specialize in helping travel and hospitality brands deliver seamless interactions and experiences, leading to more loyal customers.

Travel and hospitality branding

The view from 35,000 feet

Why do we travel? A simple answer is our desire to explore new places, engage with interesting people and cultures, or advance business agendas.

But there is nothing quite so simple about the hospitality and travel industry. These companies must maintain a solid grasp on changing consumer needs and respond creatively to new trends and behaviors. Economic swings and up-and-down business cycles can drastically affect demand for their services. They must also manage the shifting winds of higher energy, technology and equipment costs.

Customers will demand a more consistent delivery of a brand’s promise and a simpler, more compelling experience.

New roads to travel

With increasing costs, diminished customer service, more invasive security measures and in some cases, dilapidated equipment, airline travel has become a frustrating experience. Customer loyalty programs rife with blackout dates, non-qualifying miles and the confusion of recent industry consolidation add to consumer dissatisfaction. Clearly, the airline industry generally lacks simple and transparent communications and processes.

As occupancy rates have stabilized, hotel companies have been rethinking their strategies. Though ultra-luxury experiences have become more prevalent in emerging markets, the post-recession backlash on luxury has shaped a new definition of comfort and ease over opulence. Loyalty programs remain key differentiators, with upscale guests preferring recognition to reward and mid-market and budget travelers focusing on value and rewards offered.

Trailblazing travel and hospitality branding

We specialize in developing effective brand strategies for travel and hospitality companies seeking to engage consumers and clearly differentiate their offerings. A key part of this travel and hospitality branding process is building a credible and actionable strategic platform that answers fundamental questions about a brand, guides employees and provides the framework for an organization’s thinking and behavior. Effective touchpoint alignment and employee brand training is especially important to create and deliver a consistent experience in such intimate settings as where consumers sleep and eat.

Siegel+Gale’s Global Brand Simplicity Index revealed that consumers are willing to pay almost six percent more for simpler airline and hotel experiences and interactions. Through our proprietary SimplicityLab™ tool, marketers can understand the value of launching clear and empathetic communications that ease traveler frustration. This is one of the many ways that Siegel+Gale helps brands create a customized and seamless experience across all touchpoints, from research and booking to checkout and return travel.

Today’s consumers expect much more than just a “best price” from travel and hospitality brands. We provide these companies with the expertise to illuminate the true value of what they do and deliver. This allows customers to travel the high road to a better and more meaningful brand experience.


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