Companies in the highly complex and multifaceted energy industry turn to us to help solve their unique branding challenges.

Clearly communicating powerful messages

Companies in the highly complex and multifaceted energy industry turn to us to help solve their unique branding challenges.

Energy branding

Powering up

Harnessing the earth’s energy sources is one of mankind’s most impressive achievements. From fuel for our cars to heat for our homes, we rely on numerous sources of power to meet the needs of our complex and multifaceted industrial society.

But the growing demand for energy—especially oil and gas—continues unabated, buoyed by the rapid economic growth in newly developing markets. Most critical is creating new technologies to expand the supply of traditional fuels as well as developing new sources of energy, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear power.

Increased regulatory pressures, environmental concerns as well as being able to attract and retain employees also significantly affect how energy companies manage their complicated businesses. 

Energizing brands

Supplying the world's energy needs means finding innovative ways to meet today’s demand as well as the growing demands of the future, while managing the impact of energy on the environment. Also important is providing the power to raise the standard of living for people around the world in today’s mutually dependent economy.

Clearly communicating these vital messages to diverse audiences—including governments, distributors and manufacturers—is crucial for energy companies. Additionally, providing a framework to comprehend the multiple products and services of these complex, multidimensional firms helps customers understand exactly who a company is and what it stands for.

By delivering on their brand promises, developing innovative ideas and earning the trust of the communities they serve, these companies can turn consumers into partners, change public perception and initiate more dynamic conversations with the marketplace.

Drilling down to the brand experience

Siegel+Gale’s expertise in identifying the elements that truly define an organization serves as the linchpin in helping energy companies develop a clear and simple expression of who they are and what they do. This includes creating a purpose statement that illuminates the difference an organization is making in the world along with a strategic platform that underscores its unique capabilities and opportunities. Having a clearly defined purpose also serves to engage and empower employees, making them more loyal, productive and dedicated to the organization, a key concern for energy companies which must maintain a large and skilled workforce.

Effective brand alignment, which points employees in the right direction and working toward a common goal, is especially important in the energy industry where specialized talent is spread out in far-flung locations across the world. Through our energy branding work, we've helped companies such as Chevron with their branding. At Siegel+Gale, our goal is to create meaningful external and internal communications that build trust, earn higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The challenges facing the energy industry generates numerous opportunities for innovation and creativity, particularly in finding a balance between embracing traditional and novel ways of delivering power. Just as important is building a well-defined brand that brings elegantly simple and unexpectedly fresh strategies, stories and experiences to their customers.


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