Imprint Gallery: Siegel+Gale team adorns the New York office with their art

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For the inaugural quarter of Siegel+Gale’s rotating gallery, Imprint has curated a collection of photography, film and video stills. Captured by our talented staff, these images are displayed throughout our New York office.

Elyssa Jakim
Medium: Performance, Film Stills
The Hypocrite
Dir. Ben Kegan

Siegel+Gale imprint gallery

Siegel+Gale imprint

Rafael Medina
Medium: Video Stills, Digital Print
Title: Appetites and Aversions
Siegel+Gale Imprint

Rafael Medina IMPRINT

Bridget O’Neill
Medium: Color Photography
Title: Estate Sale Series



Bridget O’Neill
Medium: Color Photography
Title: Heathrow Airport

Bridget O’Neill
Medium: Color Photography
Title: Wildwood NJ Series


Justin Peters
Medium: Photography
Title: Moments from the Middle East

Morning watch


Sheesha Break

Still Breeze

Stolen Glance

Jenn Szekely
Medium: Photography
Title: 19th Century Shuttlecock

Mike Tyson
Medium: Digital photos, Inkjet print



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