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Helping People 'Get It'

The data path to the future

A few years back, Verizon Wireless had a clear vision of the future of communications. The company was humming with the nascent potential of wireless data—specifically, with downloadable features such as games, apps, ringtones and photos that would a transform a mobile phone into a personalized data center.

Already the operator of America's largest voice wireless network, Verizon Wireless had the technology in hand to make these data-driven capabilities a reality. But how to help consumers see the potential? The Verizon Wireless brand needed to stretch to make these services fun and desirable to consumers. And, practically speaking, the company needed a way to bring these services to market without making consumers' monthly bills a lengthy jumble.

A clear call

Siegel+Gale created the memorable service brand "Get It Now." The name suggests the immediate gratification implicit in the download-to-handset offering, and provides a great launch pad for a comprehensive brand architecture system with appealing descriptors, such as Get Games, Get Tones and Get e-Mail.

To make sure the success of promoting add-ons didn't backfire, we made the Verizon Wireless bill easy to understand, with voice and data charges integrated in a more intuitive way. The flexible design grid accommodates an ever-expanding range of services, while the new summary of "Your Service Profile" recaps customer essentials—such as basic monthly charges, minutes included and rates for additional minutes—at a glance.

More services, less paper

Verizon Wireless customers did indeed "Get It Now," quickly taking advantage of the many enhanced handset applications, and personalizing their devices with ringtone downloads and digital photo-sharing tools. And despite all the add-ons customers are buying, Siegel+Gale succeeded in reducing the length of the average Verizon Wireless bill by two pages.

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