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75 Years Young

Marking a historic date

As one of the world's leading oil companies, Saudi Aramco is a pillar of the Saudi Arabian economy. From its founding role in discovering and developing the kingdom's first oil field to its current position as Saudi Arabia's national oil company, Saudi Aramco has served as the kingdom's principal engine for economic development and most prestigious employer.

In recognition of Saudi Aramco employees' immense talent, dedication and hard work, the company planned to celebrate its 75th anniversary with a gala event attended by leaders and employees from all over the country. To mark such an event with appropriate significance, the company wanted to highlight different dimensions of the Saudi Aramco "Energy for Generations" brand promise, and introduce a celebratory mark that would transcend languages and cultures.

Star power

To emphasize Saudi Aramco's exceptional employees and their contributions, Siegel+Gale developed brand stories that would drive compelling communication platforms for the anniversary event and beyond. The stories—People Power, Responsible Stewardship and Bright Future—captured the essence of the brand for the event launch, and continue to inform brand messaging moving forward.

Our team also found inspiration in the Saudi Aramco logo to design the "Energy Burst," a 75th Anniversary mark that shines out in celebratory colors and uses a sophisticated mathematical equation to bring order to 75 symbolic elements. A balanced arrangement of the company's name in both Arabic and Roman scripts is featured alongside.

Finally, to ensure harmony between the mark and the corporate identity, we developed a comprehensive visual system for all celebratory and corporate materials, providing inspirational visual guidelines grounded in the brand stories.

A revitalized brand

The updated Saudi Aramco symbol appeared throughout the celebratory year on hundreds of items, including a special-edition stamp issued by the Saudi postal service and a calendar showcasing paintings by local children. Beyond the celebrations, though, our work served to enhance the Saudi Aramco brand, reinvigorate employees and ignite a greater sense of shared purpose.

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