Transforming Transportation

A success looking for a story

In 1969, transportation innovator Roger Penske purchased a three-location car and light truck rental and leasing business serving eastern Pennsylvania. Over four decades later, Penske Truck Leasing (“Penske”) has become a multibillion dollar unit of the Penske Corporation, operating in more than 1,000 locations around the globe.

New markets brought new competition, and the company struggled to articulate the full breadth of its value as it grew in size and complexity. Penske Truck Leasing needed to define a new rallying cry—something that revealed the heart and soul underneath all of its leasing, logistics and rental services, all around the world.

People helping people

As the foundation for change, Siegel+Gale defined a brand strategy that fuses Penske’s long-standing ethos of excellence and personal commitment with its increasing focus on innovation. The new brand promise, “People helping people move ahead,” captured this fusion and provided the springboard for refreshing the visual identity and translating the corporate strategy into core messages for each of Penske's product lines.

With far-flung operations and a vast, energetic sales force, Penske Truck Leasing needed a thorough, internal rollout to ensure that all employees become able brand ambassadors. We developed detailed voice and style guidelines to explain how Penske employees should communicate and drafted a new Code of Conduct to elucidate how they should “live the brand” as they manage risk. A brand scorecard facilitates marketing coordination for the product lines and makes it easy to self-assess brand alignment. Finally—working closely with Penske leadership, marketing and human resources groups—we developed a set of comprehensive performance guidelines that are used to inspire and evaluate all 18,000 Penske Truck Leasing employees.

Rolling out an invigorated brand

Penske’s updated brand strategy captures the energy, warmth and personality of the company, and is having a profound impact on both the organization’s employees and its customers. By branding from the inside out, Siegel+Gale is helping Penske go beyond superficial changes of look and feel to fundamentally alter the basics of how it does business: from the kind of people they hire, to how those people work, to how they interact with their customers.

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