Changing the Name and the Game for NQ Mobile

From start-up to truly mobile

In 2010, NetQin, a leading provider of mobile security software, was named one of the “10 Start-Ups That Will Change Your Life” by Time magazine. And yet, despite the accolades and its position in recent years as a global player with accounts in 150 countries, NetQin found itself with uneven market shares.

On top at home in China, NetQin still trailed competitors in many countries.

Both Siegel+Gale and NetQin realized that incremental changes weren’t good enough and that bold, decisive measures were necessary—especially in a market changing as rapidly as mobile security.

Siegel+Gale quickly concluded that NetQin faced several immediate challenges to global expansion, starting with an unwieldy name that created a hurdle for non-Chinese speakers and an outdated company story and visual system.

NetQin becomes NQ Mobile

Siegel+Gale and NetQin focused first on a new name, one that would best serve the company’s growing business and make the brand more accessible to a wider, more international audience.

So NetQin became NQ Mobile.

Armed with a new name, Siegel+Gale started to craft a compelling and authentic NQ story—bringing the complex world of mobile security into a clear and simple focus—in a way that appealed to both employees and customers. Our quantitative research and interviews with key stakeholders uncovered that NQ Mobile’s real story was its unique position in the market as a provider of mobile-phone-specific software that delivered a higher order of security to its customers.

With those results in mind, we developed a new brand promise: “Securing a more personal mobile world.” And with that promise came a new tagline: “Safeguarding your mobile world.” Together, they would bring NQ Mobile’s unique vision to life and unify its efforts in China and around the world.

To support the promise and refresh the brand overall, Siegel+Gale also created a new visual system for the company. Incorporating graphic devices that elevated the promise of security across communications, the new visual system now uses a distinct purple color to set NQ Mobile apart from the competition with a color scheme that’s fresh, young and dynamic.

The new NQ Mobile

The new NQ Mobile brand was officially launched to much acclaim at CES International, a high-profile consumer technology event with NQ Mobile’s creative director crediting much of the new brand’s success to the strength of the visual story, calling it “a great foundation for the brand in the future.”

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