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Your Window to the World

Lonely at the top

Microsoft's Windows operating system is an indelible presence in the daily lives of people the world over—and has been for decades.

The troubled launch of Windows Vista, however, brought challenges, the likes of which Microsoft had never experienced. Consumer "intent-to-purchase" scores for Windows PCs dropped, and Apple Computer started nipping at market share. In the face of negative press and an aggressive competitor, Microsoft needed to reinvigorate a Windows brand that wasn’t simply tolerated, but was actively preferred.

Speaking from the heart

Drawing on the insight "the world speaks windows," we proposed a simple construct for the Windows brand story: frame the functionality and benefits of the Windows platform in the voice and actions of real people all around the world.

To make the message unmistakable, we recommended that Microsoft move away from its heavily features-focused communications approach, and adopt a warmer, more candid and more conversational style of language and imagery. Our training sessions demonstrated how Microsoft and its partners could apply the "real people, real stories" strategy to their communications—illustrating how the lives of regular people are enhanced through their interaction with Microsoft products and solutions.

A storybook ending

According to Michael Kroll of Microsoft: "Siegel+Gale's greatest strength is in its ability to translate strategy into compelling creative, both visual and verbal."

The new Windows Brand Voice strategy culminated in the groundbreaking "I'm a PC" advertising campaign, which toppled Apple's monopoly on "cool," re-established a human connection to Windows…and fueled Microsoft's jump in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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