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Securing the Value of a
Security Innovator

Ready to be bold

McAfee, a leading provider of network security solutions, had a track record of both innovative product development and sound financial performance.

Wall Street, however, wasn't sold on McAfee's prospects.

The company faced increasing competition on several fronts, including its chief rival Symantec, Microsoft's integration of enhanced security features into Windows and a raft of new entrants to the digital security market.

New CEO David DeWalt put forth an aggressive plan, but needed to convince investors that the company was up to the competitive challenge. Redefining the McAfee brand to match the company's lofty ambitions was a top priority.

Building the brand by empowering customers

With extensive qualitative and quantitative research (including our proprietary EyeOpener™ tool that measures true drivers of brand preference), our Siegel+Gale team discovered that customers prefer to think of themselves as "defensive heroes" rather than helpless victims. They want to be empowered by their digital security, not rescued.

Clearly, we needed to position McAfee as a brand of empowerment—the company that relentlessly tackles the world's toughest security challenges to liberate consumers and ready businesses to overcome security threats.

Updating the corporate identity to support this bold positioning, we redesigned the signature shield to emphasize strength and reliability. But to make sure customers feel a connection and sense of achievement, we refined an expansive visual system with imaginative, human imagery.

Of course, all touchpoints (internal and external) ultimately contribute to customers' experience of the brand. We socialized the revitalized brand throughout the organization to guide product development, acquisitions and internal business processes, and developed a messaging platform to help align verbal communications with a clear, consistent Brand Voice®.

Good news for Wall Street, great news for shareholders

One year after launch of the new brand platform, McAfee's fortunes turned dramatically: year-over-year revenue increased by 21%, and the company expanded its share of the enterprise market. And a year after that, Intel Corporation acquired McAfee for $7.68 billion—giving shareholders a 60% increase in the blink of an eye.

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