Wading Through the Data

The leader fends off new contenders

A pioneer in the fields of legal and journalistic research for more than 30 years, LexisNexis was facing fierce industry competition. Westlaw—the legal research service from Thomson Reuters—had launched significant new offerings and continued to gain market share. Meanwhile, LexisNexis also felt pressure from the various free, web-based search options that had gained users during the challenging economic climate.

True to its roots as a trailblazer, LexisNexis was making major investments to secure its leadership position. In addition to upgrading its infrastructure and expanding into international markets, the company had just completed the largest acquisition in its history: ChoicePoint, a provider of data aggregation and risk analytics.

To succeed in an increasingly complex battle for market share, LexisNexis needed to redefine what made it unique and valuable to clients, generate awareness of the newly acquired offerings and reaffirm its position as the leader in information services.

More than just search

The first challenge was to reintroduce LexisNexis to the marketplace. No longer just a provider of legal and business search, the company had a new story to tell.

Siegel+Gale refreshed and expanded the brand with an underlying promise “to enrich the world’s understanding and inspire insightful decisions.” We backed this story with a bold, new visual expression of the brand—elevating the human element as LexisNexis’ unique differentiator.

A compelling brand promise is not enough, though. Siegel+Gale discovered that the pattern of growth through acquisition had inadvertently created confusion. Customers were unclear as to the relationship between the LexisNexis brand and the assortment of sub-brands the company owned and operated around the world.

To help a broader customer base easily understand and navigate the enhanced LexisNexis portfolio, we developed a masterbrand architecture that clearly establishes the LexisNexis brand as the focal point, while maximizing the equity of the company’s many sub- brands.

Empowering individuals

LexisNexis has signaled to the world its readiness to continue as the leader in an expanded array of legal and business information services. In addition, through a potent brand strategy, LexisNexis has shifted the focus from the data alone to the ultimate success of each of its individual customers—supported by the LexisNexis data and services that enable them to pursue legal justice, accuracy and the mitigation of societal risks.

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