Hightailing It to Reinvigorate a Brand

More than just file sharing

YouSendIt, a global leader in file sharing, storage and management with over 43 million registered users, saw the need for a new name and brand that reflected its expansion as a company with product offerings beyond file sharing.

The YouSendIt name and brand had a lot of equity, but it was holding the company back, constraining its vision for the future—its aspirations go well beyond just send. To remain relevant and competitive in the cloud market, it warranted a new name that communicated its evolution into a company that handles broader collaboration and business needs.

Empowering a new name

Siegel+Gale sought to create a new name that addresses the breadth of its products, looks toward the future and expands upon its original use of sending large files. The goal was to develop a name that helped them differentiate themselves in an ocean of similar names, while also opening up the possibilities of the bigger story they wanted to tell to the world. After completing an audit of the file-sharing space and conducting stakeholder interviews, Siegel+Gale embarked upon an incredibly intensive naming exploratory. This involved the development of specific naming criteria, thousands of names and conducting hundreds of preliminary trademark screens. At the end of the process, we found the right name—Hightail.

Hightail suggests the ideas of speed, agility, energy, motion and accomplishment. It goes well beyond send, without losing the brand’s definitive characteristics, while imbuing the brand with a new personality and a sense of fun. The name Hightail also suggests a service that is intuitive and easy-to-use. Building on YouSendIt’s history, the new name borrows from the company’s original brand identity—a paper airplane—and evokes memorable visual cues.

Using Hightail creates a sense of empowerment, and enables customers to get things done quickly and efficiently. It communicates these attributes and elevates the brand in a competitive market.

Launching into the cloud

In July 2013, Hightail announced its new name and launched a refreshed visual identity, including a redesigned website and mobile experience. The brand will continue to lead in the cloud file-sharing market by providing an easy and secure way to access, share and store files and folders for users across the globe.

“The Siegel+Gale team provided great creativity and expertise throughout our re-naming process,” said Mike Trigg, chief marketing officer of Hightail. “Their branding methodology helped us arrive at a name that stands out in the category, yet remains relatable, true to our roots and resonates globally.”

Note: Siegel+Gale did not design the logo or visual identity. It was developed internally.


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