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Dressed for Success

Dressing little girls like little girls

Kahn Lucas Lancaster (KLL), well known and highly regarded for its stylish and tasteful dresses for little girls through tweens, came up with a striking idea: to sell one dress, sell two. Shoppers would buy two matching dresses—one for a delightful little girl, and another for her doll.

They had a great idea. To sell it, they needed a great brand.

Building a world of wonder

Siegel+Gale created a brand positioning around the concept of the happiness and comfort a best friend brings to a little girl. We developed a name and tagline to capture that childhood feeling: Dollie & Me® Two. Perfect.

Together with KLL, we crafted the captivating sales pitch, in-store display and point-of-purchase signage for presentation to retailers. We also produced final POP tags and shelf-talkers as well as the package design and box copy for the retail product—to create an enchanting retail experience.

We even helped to develop a collection of dolls—produced by the venerable Madame Alexander—to sell alongside Dollie & Me clothing, providing guidance on everything from the dolls' names to their clothing and hair styles to their back stories.

On a parallel track, our Digital practice evoked the retail environment online with a vibrant, colorful Dollie & Me website, deepening the experience with interactive games, stories, surprises, contests and even personal wardrobes where little girls can create a world of their own fashions.

An award-winning collection

Dollie & Me has been wildly successful, amassing much praise in the media and industry. In addition to mentions in Fortune, Forbes and numerous other publications, the Dollie & Me Collection was awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for 2010—recognizing the most innovative, engaging new products in the industry.

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