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Demanding Attention in a Busy Domain

A brand behind the scenes

Demand Media, founded in 2006, has quietly grown to become a major player in marketing and publishing. It has enjoyed more than 2 billion streams on YouTube and welcomes more than 100MM worldwide monthly unique visitors to their online properties. Additionally, Demand Media offers social media solutions, operates the world’s largest wholesaler of Internet domains and manages destination websites including eHow, and Cracked.

Relative to its influence, though, Demand Media was little known to consumers. While rapid expansion had vastly enhanced its media offerings and turned it into one of the web's largest constellations of properties, Demand Media was having trouble fitting all the pieces together. The company needed a unified identity that would help it communicate its true breadth and value.

Sharing knowledge

Siegel+Gale quickly realized that the root of the company’s unique value is an algorithm it had developed that produces precise data about what people search for on the web. This "engine" is the key to how Demand Media helps end users connect with popular, peer-reviewed content, and allows marketers to understand the online habits of their customer base. We developed the brand promise "Know and share," encapsulating Demand Media's primary focus to provide consumers and commercial entities with information that is relevant, contemporary and valuable.

Using "Know and share" as a foundation, we brought a vertical hierarchy to Demand Media’s portfolio. Although some individual brands had gained name recognition and trust, Demand Media would be stronger as a masterbrand, integrating its stable of products and services into a unified whole.

Although Demand Media is not a prototypical consumer brand, we positioned it like one, with a voice and visual style giving the company an interactive, personal dimension. Such a dynamic company deserves a dynamic presence, so we designed the visual identity to connect with consumers through eye-catching imagery and friendly language.

Demanding attention

Demand Media’s winning new image reflects its continued strength in the marketplace. Siegel+Gale and Demand Media have proved that a strong brand presence can have huge impact—even for a company used to operating behind the scenes (or screens).

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