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Energizing a Sustainable Future

Capturing the fuel of the future

Clean Energy fuels over 30,000 vehicles each day, and is the only producer of renewable natural gas (RNG) for vehicles. If that isn’t enough, it’s also the sole RNG provider that offers customized blends of natural gas and methane, helping companies meet their individual sustainability goals.

To fuel the transportation of tomorrow, Clean Energy captures “fugitive methane” that would otherwise leak into the atmosphere from landfills and other waste facilities, extracts the methane and transforms the by-product into usable fuel.

With incentives in full effect, it was the perfect time to act. Recognizing this, Clean Energy approached Siegel+Gale to give its unique but phantom fuel a name and identity to signal its importance and impact.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, Redeem

Siegel+Gale began by uncovering the simple truth of Clean Energy’s renewable gas: it is fueling a new era of efficient transportation. This concept became a way to articulate what the fuel stands for. Clean Energy’s proprietary fuel is more than just a product—it’s a principle. It’s more than a “good-for-the-environment-gas” that powers fleets—it’s something to believe in.

With the essence of the brand unearthed, Siegel+Gale set out to create a name for this game-changing fuel. After an in-depth naming exploration, the team landed on the new name: Redeem. “Redeem” was strikingly appropriate for an RNG—perfectly labeling what it does, and tapping into the idea that what you put out in the world (in this case waste) comes back at a higher level (renewable natural gas). The name ties into the lifestyle that the product conveys. Those who choose to buy this fuel are respecting the environment and engaging in a rewarding, redeeming process for both the planet and themselves. To top it off, Redeem also stands as a nostalgic reference to the recycling tagline, “reduce, reuse, recycle”—Redeem reinvents the “re!”

The branding of a marketable product wouldn’t be complete without an identity. With the new name in place, Siegel+Gale designed a sharp new logo and created an action-oriented visual identity system. The “R” in the newly designed logo reinforces the pay-it-forward principle of the Redeem name and message—what you put out comes back to you. The absence of a downward stroke at the beginning of the “R” nods toward the product’s efficiency with the rest of the letter’s implication.

Together, the new name and logo signify a standout brand that is positioned to be the leader in the RNG market and change our world for the better.

Sustaining impact

The Redeem brand was an immediate and rewarding fit for Clean Energy.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the work that Siegel+Gale has done to define the Redeem brand,” said Gary Foster, SVP, Corporate Communications at Clean Energy. “Our renewable energy source, Redeem, can be “redeemed” and sustained indefinitely.”

In preparation for an October 1, 2013 launch, Clean Energy was able to clearly communicate with all its constituents—from fleet customers, environmental groups and regulators to officials and employees—about what Redeem stands for. With its mission and distinctive brand strategy and visual identity in place, Clean Energy is now positioned to be the fuel of the future.


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