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A Symbol of Hope

Two decades of progress

When it was founded in 1989, Project Hope was one of China's first nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations—and it’s been a tremendous success.

The flagship program of the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), Project Hope has remained devoted to the well-being and development of Chinese youth, raising crucial funds to provide China’s poverty-stricken regions with greater educational opportunities.

In the last decade alone, the program raised over RMB 2.2 billion in donations, advanced the education of nearly 2.5 million children from rural families-in-need and built almost 10,000 Hope primary schools.

With a celebration planned to honor the organization's 20th year of service, Project Hope needed a commemorative mark that reflects its mission of advancing opportunity for Chinese children.

An uplifting mark

Siegel+Gale framed a design concept around Project Hope's mission of "lifting" China's children to new heights.

The mark features brightly colored shapes in a striking geometric slant. The active, upward movement of these shapes conveys progression and hope—suggesting Project Hope’s ability to lift the lives of students to a realm of limitless possibilities.

An enduring image

Following its official launch in China, the Project Hope identity appeared on the highly trafficked Sina website, one of China’s most popular online search engines. As it continues into its third decade of service, Project Hope's mark endures as a cherished reminder of the program's legacy of service.

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