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The Power of a Brand to Connect

A challenge to the market

CableTEL and Eurocom, Bulgaria's two top cable TV providers, merged in 2010 with the aggressive objective to become the country's leading provider of both digital television and broadband Internet. At the outset, they faced the daunting challenge to shift the sentiments of a Bulgarian public that perceived both cable companies as dull, corporate and unsympathetic.

Success would demand a transformative new identity—a brand that would dazzle consumers with its state-of-the-art technology and triple play offerings, and foster pride in employees.

Unleashing the potential (with a little purple spark)

To shatter the perception of corporate stodginess once and for all, Siegel+Gale laid the groundwork with an inspirational brand positioning—"Explore Your Universe"—that reflects the limitless potential of next-generation technology.

We named the vital new company "Blizoo," a term that suggests both "close to" and "far ahead" in Bulgarian, and is also appealing and memorable in English. Blizoo the name begat Blizoo the animated character, a zippy, little fiber-optic guy who acts as the "guide to your universe" when streaming video, searching the net, or watching a cable or an on-demand channel. Rather than talking at consumers, Blizoo works with them—the ideal companion who is both fun and competent. We rounded out the visual system with larger-than-life imagery that suggests the high-quality, high-speed delivery of Blizoo content, and vibrant colors that are decidedly "non-corporate."

Entering a country's consciousness

Since launching in June 2010, Blizoo has matched its two closest rivals in terms of geographical coverage and created a huge buzz in the process—all with a limited marketing budget. A gap analysis poll (TNS Nov 2010) shows that Blizoo outperformed its progenitor brands on every one of the brand attributes measured, and had established leadership against the competition on a number of these key attributes.

Blizoo has quickly become part of the Bulgarian vernacular, with people on the street heard asking "Do you Blizoo?" or exclaiming "I've been Blizoo'd!"

According to Dimitar Radev, Blizoo CMO:

"In our wildest imagination we didn't think our brand could be so brilliantly brought to life."

Following the rollout, Blizoo received two prestigious 2011 Gold Transform Awards for Best Corporate Rebrand Following a Merger or Acquisition and Best Rebrand by Region.

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