Maintaining a Success Story

Growing without an articulated voice

In 2004, real estate pioneers Alan Gold and Gary Kreitzer formed BioMed Realty Trust to serve the U.S. life sciences industry. Across seven core markets, spanning from coast to coast, BioMed Realty acquires, develops, owns and operates lab and office space for medical and life science institutions.

With BioMed Realty’s rapid success, a strong brand identity was needed to unite the company and assert a point of differentiation within the life sciences real estate market.

Uncovering an identity

Siegel+Gale joined with BioMed Realty to develop a brand platform to distinguish the company in its niche market. Through an audit of the company’s communications, visits to key market properties and interviews with stakeholders, we distilled BioMed Realty’s core strength and differentiator: a deep commitment to relationships, coupled with a foundation of expertise.

Siegel+Gale crafted a unique family of attributes to help guide BioMed Realty’s voice in all communications. To bring the new platform to life, we designed a visual identity, beginning with a new logo, featuring a “BR” monogram. The B connects with a backwards R to resemble a helix, alluding to the life sciences industry and referencing the strength of the company’s relationships.

Defining BioMed Realty’s focus allowed Siegel+Gale to create a new tagline—"Discover Here®"—that’s inspirational and conveys its value within the industry.

Bringing the brand to life

Armed with messaging and tactics, BioMed Realty and Siegel+Gale executed an alignment and implementation plan, including training workshops to educate key communicators, and roadshows to all seven core markets to launch the brand.

BioMed Realty embraces its fortified identity with communications that incorporate the visual identity and brand voice Siegel+Gale developed. According to Rick Howe, BioMed Realty’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, “Our goal was to enhance our brand in a way that fully articulates the values that we live by, of being true, creative and unstoppable. Working with Siegel+Gale, we have achieved a brand that reflects our position as a trusted expert and partner in the life science real estate industry.”

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