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A Beautiful Brand

The post-coupon concept

A leading provider of consumer rebates had a killer idea: an interactive savings advocate that would connect consumers online to exclusive, personally relevant offers from top quality merchants.

But would the concept fly?

While the firm's operational expertise and extensive merchant relationships were unique in the consumer incentives space, the social commerce space was cluttered. The company needed a way to differentiate its new venture from hundreds of copycat Groupons and Living Socials. To succeed, they needed to make a splash, grabbing attention with a catchy name and visual identity, and then building loyalty with a truly differentiated offering.

A brand based on surprise and delight

The Siegel+Gale team began with an immersion in the fast-growing social commerce market—including a broad competitive audit of social commerce brands, a review of current research on the effectiveness of social commerce campaigns and in-depth interviews with merchants who had experience in online "flash sales" and "deal of the day" promotions.

We learned that, under the flurry of excitement around fast-moving deals, both consumers and retailers felt let down: consumers were being inundated with deals they didn't want, and retailers weren't getting the support they needed to run successful promotional campaigns. These insights revealed the clear space to position a new brand—one based on the feeling of delight that consumers have when they find especially appealing deals in unexpected places.

We bestowed the action-oriented name "Beget" to represent the service's ongoing generation of targeted offers, and we combined vibrant letterforms in a logo design that evokes both retail signage and marquee events. In total, the Beget brand is all about matching deals—and plenty of them—to consumers' individual tastes or desires.

Don't discount the power of discounts

The Beget brand was put to immediate use to launch the beta site and generate awareness with a nationwide online advertising campaign. Its next task: to beget a coterie of satisfied, loyal users.

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