Fortifying a Dynamic Duo

Combining and connecting

Aricent was formed in 2006 with the merger of Hughes Software Systems/Flextronics and frog design. The merger united the two companies’ offerings in all aspects of product innovation, product design and communications technologies. But it also brought together cultures, products and processes that seemed, on the surface, distinctly different. By 2010, despite substantial growth, Aricent’s leadership felt the company had still not articulated how the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

Celebrating differences and similarities

To understand who the company really is, we connected with customers and employees around the world using our proprietary research tools, EyeOpener™ and EnGage™. We also conducted detailed work sessions with senior executives from Aricent’s global management team. Despite the vast footprint and diverse history of the sub-brands, core truths about Aricent Group emerged: a focus on innovation, a commitment to collaborate with partners and the desire to turn vision into reality.

What resulted was the development of a new Aricent Group brand that reflects the company’s integrated approach to end-to-end product and service innovation. We positioned the masterbrand as a “provider of innovation services for the connected world,” clearly articulating the overall brand story. With frog and Aricent as sub-brands, the Aricent Group leverages the combined strengths of the two cultures in ways that customers can understand.

Articulating the masterbrand strategy gave Aricent and frog abundant opportunity to complement each other—particularly to inspire employees. For the most evident, pervasive touchpoint—Aricent Group’s visual identity—we infused those same shared values into a strong new wordmark. This distinctive graphic representation provides an umbrella over the comfortably co-existing frog and Aricent logos. The family of brands now clearly delineates the full breadth and depth of the revamped organization.

Connecting with customers in the connected world

To help launch the new brands, we developed key communications, including the Aricent Group website and a new stationery system. We also created a corporate brochure that highlights the unique and relevant expertise of Aricent Group.

The rollout enabled Aricent Group to cement its leadership role in helping clients capitalize on new communication technologies. It also conveyed Aricent’s ability to move seamlessly from ideation to implementation without diminishing the thrust of innovation.

Sudip Nandy, CEO of the Aricent Group, says: “Companies face intense pressure to deliver feature-right products and services with satisfying user experiences in order to build meaningful relationships with their customers in the connected world. They require a new type of strategic partner, one who provides a holistic, agile approach to end-to-end product and service innovation. Our new brand positioning highlights the fact that we can meet this need.”

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