Making the Connection

An untapped market

Du, a major telecommunications company based in Dubai, had embarked on a groundbreaking mission: the creation of a Digital Arabia.

While the Middle East boasted the world’s highest mobile phone acquisition rates, its wireless social media came up short: no existing platform addressed the region’s cultural sensitivities and unique functional needs. Du wanted to change all that by incorporating the best elements of social networking, entertainment and e-commerce in a new digital service that would speak directly to the Arab world. With a particular focus on the 35-and-under audience, this game-changing, online offering needed a game-changing brand—one built from the experience up.

Big ideas for the small screen

After a deep, ethnographic exploration, Siegel+Gale began by assisting Du with feature development and service design. With extensive wireframing, we prioritized features based on customer need and marketability, and created the roadmap for a best-in-class, multidevice digital experience.

That same research drove the development of a bold and inclusive brand promise for “a place from the people of Arabia, to the people of Arabia, for the people of Arabia.” We crafted the evocative name Anayou to resonate with both Arabic and English speakers: “ana” (the phonetic spelling of “us” in Arabic) + “you.” To support these themes, we designed an exciting visual identity inspired by patterns seen in Arabic culture and architecture, but modernized for the digital age and optimized for the small screen.

A brand that speaks to the Middle East

Anayou is a first-of-its-kind online community and mobile experience—truly world-class and uniquely Arabic. The platform has been a terrific success, and currently registers 50–75,000 new members each month. For the next frontier, Siegel+Gale has helped Du explore potential co-branding scenarios—positioning Anayou to create broader business opportunities while retaining the power and integrity of its brand.

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