A new global brand platform to unify and evolve one of the biggest players in oil and gas


Created by the merger of two of the world’s largest oilfield services and equipment manufacturers, National Oilwell and Varco, and the addition of more than 200 category-defining companies across the entire spectrum of upstream oil and gas, NOV needed a fresh story to tell within a larger energy branding strategy. Well-known and highly desirable to customers and investors for its drilling expertise and market dominance, it was essential to express the full breadth of its technology, capabilities and impact. Further, NOV needed to break down its divisional silos, providing its combined global workforce with a unifying purpose and cohesive brand identity to rally them around the company’s mission and bright future.


We worked closely with NOV on its energy branding strategy, fully immersing our teams in the company, talking to customers and key stakeholders. We employed proprietary research tools, including EyeOpenerTM, DecisionMapperTM and EnGageTM, to reveal which factors impact purchase decisions, determine the brand attributes NOV can credibly own, and measure what employees understand and believe about the brand. The research revealed that NOV wasn’t getting credit for the impact it makes, and, while employees were proud to work for the company, they weren’t sure why.

To unify a geographically and ethnically diverse company, branding agency Siegel+Gale distilled NOV’s core brand values into three simple, memorable statements:

  1. NOV is a global family, working to create lasting impact for its people, customers and communities.
  2. NOV believes in purposeful innovation by seeing what others do not, and acting on it.
  3. NOV believes in service above all, with a singular focus on driving its customers’ businesses forward.

Working with NOV’s human resources and organizational development teams, our branding team helped embed the values into everyday employee behavior, including operating policies, performance reviews and ongoing employee engagement initiatives.

To fuel brand activation and cultural transformation, we created a simple purpose: “We power the industry that powers the world.” This inclusive, concise and powerful statement served as the brand platform that helps all NOV employees tell their story to each other, their customers and the world.

To help NOV win hearts and minds globally, our team created an arsenal of brand storytelling tools and assets, including benefit-driven messaging for key audiences and brand voice attributes to define its visual and verbal identity. A refreshed logo pays homage to NOV’s roots and a robust set of proprietary visual elements sets a professional tone and distinct identity.


Internal and external brand implementation plans, a global governance and adoption strategy, employee training and copious guideline documentation have helped NOV undertake the multiyear process of bringing a new brand to life. Building brand management teams and establishing global policies captured in a suite of guidelines have helped NOV activate its new manufacturing branding strategy and tell its story consistently across all physical and digital touchpoints, including print communication, stationery and templates, thought leadership and events, advertising, signage, apparel, and asset management.

Now with a truly powerful brand platform in place, the continuing story of NOV is one of strength, intelligence and perseverance. The brand is in the process of not only setting itself apart from its peers, but creating a more sustainable and positive impact on internal and external communities worldwide.

Click to watch We are NOV, a video by NOV recounting its brand journey from its own perspective.

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