We helped elevate the status of a critical ceremony with a fresh name and identity.


Over 80 categories are awarded on GRAMMY Sunday, and most are not televised. To account for the number of categories, and relatively limited time available during the network telecast, The Recording Academy split the GRAMMY ceremony into two segments – formerly known as the ‘Pre-Telecast’ and the ‘GRAMMYs’. While this division into two separate ceremonies has practical, logistical justification, the honor of receiving a GRAMMY award is singular, regardless of what time during GRAMMY Sunday the statue is presented. The Recording Academy needed a new name for the Pre-Telecast ceremony that would provide the event with the honor it deserved.


Our immersion process gave us first-hand understanding of the event and why it means so much to so many people. While a brand name typically only conveys 1-2 messages effectively, The Recording Academy needed a name that would go above and beyond to support the experience. The name we created, “GRAMMY Premiere Ceremony,” maintains the distinction between the two segments of the GRAMMY ceremony, while elevating the significance of the honors received earlier in the evening. We then designed a visual identity and system that gave the event its own distinct personality.


All members of The Recording Academy have shown appreciation for the new name. The Latin GRAMMYs liked the name so much, that they adopted it as well.

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