Shaping the Future of GE China


More than 110 years since opening its first lightbulb factory in Shenyang, today GE has one of the longest and most unique histories of any international manufacturing company in China. Amidst a rapidly growing economy with pressing needs in healthcare, clean energy, urban infrastructure and transportation, GE China is uniquely qualified to be a catalyst for China’s continued development.

However, GE faces considerable international branding challenges in China: competition continues to intensify from both multinational and local companies; government regulations are making it increasingly complicated for multinational companies to do business; and a war for talent means the company must work harder than ever to recruit, hire and retain the best and brightest people in the industry.


Working collaboratively with GE China’s CEO and senior leadership team, manufacturing industry branding agency, Siegel+Gale facilitated a series of workshops to define a clear, credible and compelling brand story that captures the unique role and impact GE brings to the China market. This new narrative elevates the brand conversation beyond just the products and solutions that GE China manufactures, instead focusing on the extraordinary impact the company makes in China every day.

The new brand story, which is built on the promise, “GE advances extraordinary innovations that help China achieve extraordinary possibilities,” gives purpose and higher-order meaning to the impactful work GE is doing in China. Today, there has never been a more important time for GE to be in China, as they bring advanced healthcare to rural areas and help to clean some of the country’s most polluted skies.


GE China launched an internal campaign to unify, energize and inspire its 50,000 employees We developed a visual campaign that brought a library of case studies to life by featuring the extraordinary possibilities GE is enabling all across China.

This internal campaign continues to influence GE’s branding strategy in China and how GE China tells its unique brand story to customers, government agencies, prospective employees and the media, helping this dynamic market see one of its most important corporate partners in a fresh, new way.

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