A refreshed brand and visual identity to unify one of the country’s largest health care companies


In 2012, DaVita Inc., a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, acquired HealthCare Partners and became DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc., one of the largest healthcare entities in the country. Two years after the acquisition they were still facing ongoing challenges of unification, teammate (employee) engagement and connection. With a mission to “build the greatest health care community the world has ever seen,” the combined company needed a name, refreshed identity and a brand migration strategy to unite the kidney care and general health divisions.

They chose to tackle this head on with a brand architecture program that would seamlessly unify their offerings, and a brand purpose that would inspire their teammates to rally behind a shared mission. The process of unifying the DaVita Inc. and HealthCare Partners divisions marked an opportunity to build equity around a new brand. The intention was to both reinforce their position as the nation’s largest operator of independent medical groups and physician networks, and to rally their teammates around a clearly defined purpose.


To identify how to better represent its broader businesses, DaVita partnered with Siegel+Gale to conduct a research-intensive process to determine the awareness and perceptions around the existing brands. The research indicated that the DaVita brand was flexible enough to stretch beyond the kidney care service specialty into additional health care categories. This finding guided the subsequent decision to pursue DaVita as the master brand.

Following revisions to corporate and divisional rebranding, we were engaged to help the company in a visual identity refresh.

It was important to keep legacy elements of the DaVita logo and begin to make refinements that would support its transition to broader health services. The Dancing Star that sits atop the logo remains vital to the DaVita identity as a symbol of those magic moments when someone goes above and beyond for a patient or teammate—a hallmark of DaVita’s culture. We collaborated with DaVita’s brand strategy and creative services team to make refinements to the logo and built a new visual system and identity for DaVita.

The process of vetting this visual identity presented a key opportunity not only to build a strong and representative visual system, but also to unite various groups of teammates. Throughout the creation of the new visual system, we worked with DaVita to collect input from more than 16,000 teammates, patients, physicians and others around the world to inform the brand’s evolution.


The collaboration between DaVita and Siegel+Gale produced a visual identity that holds an unprecedented level of ownership and engagement within the company, thus promoting brand advocacy and loyalty.

The equity of the DaVita brand empowered by a strong brand architecture, a refreshed visual identity and a unified workforce is aligned to carry DaVita into the future as it continues to broaden its health care impact and improve the lives of people across the globe.

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