Aligning Chevron's brand promise with their core offering to create a global energy leader.


In 2005, as part of an advertising campaign, Chevron introduced the advertising tagline, “Human energy” to consumers and employees to articulate its distinctly people-oriented view as an energy company. Seeing its connection to the long-lasting and popular “People do” tagline, Chevron employees fully embraced the tagline and began to use it in all applications. It quickly became adopted as the corporate brand promise within Chevron’s overall branding strategy. The company soon realized it needed more than a tagline to inspire employees, so they partnered with us to create a strategic platform that would substantiate the new promise of “Human energy” and connect it to existing institutions such as the Chevron Way, a significant corporate values program.


We helped Chevron streamline its reams of customer and employee research to create a compelling strategic underpinning for the promise. We articulated pillars defining this leading energy brand and connected them to the values from Chevron way. Following a careful examination of Chevron’s brand architecture, we clarified which business units should and should not use the “Human energy” line. We then developed a colorful narrative for Chevron that clearly defined the oft-asked internal question: “What, exactly is Human energy?”

Finally, in order to ensure proper use of the tagline by enthusiastic employees, we developed guidelines for when to employ the tagline and on which applications. These guidelines articulated not just tactical criteria for the physical placement of the line, but also provided tools for elevating the strategic significance of “Human energy” to an enormous global enterprise.


The guidelines we developed reduced help calls to the Chevron brand team by clearly explaining to communicators throughout the world the proper application of the brand across a wide range of applications and activities. Our bespoke brand strategy for Chevron validated the strong promise of “Human energy” with a substantial promise and platform.

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