Technology – the simplicity effect

The most successful technology brands provide simpler communications and experiences to consumers.

In a world where consumers are increasingly savvy and multi-channel enabled, grabbing (and holding) their attention has never been trickier. Today’s landscape demands a simpler, more fluid and customer centric approach from brands. One that tells stories rather than sells statements; that welcome audience involvement, rather than trying to control and importantly one that embraces technology.

Siegel+Gale’s second annual Global Brand Simplicity Index highlights the positive impact that technology can have within the brand experience. It demonstrates how a growing, worldwide consumerist culture interacts and intersects with technology; both the sector and the brands with a technology focus are rising to the top of the index.

To read the full article by Philip Davies, originally posted by Fourth Source, click here.

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  1. Technology should always be about making our lives easier and simpler. It is fitting that companies that communicate the benefits of their offering clearly and coherently rise to the top. Could this be applied to a brand with a range of products, like Philips for example, (who use the tagline “Sense and Simplicity”)?

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