P&Ging at your heartstrings

The race for Olympic brands to gain maximum exposure during the London Games is reaching fever pitch. Those that offer a promise, a reason to believe, will undoubtedly be the winners.

Over the years P&G brands have become a mainstay in homes around the world. From Oral-B toothbrushes to Duracell batteries, these brands touch us on a daily basis and help make our lives easier. This truth is reflected in the company’s purpose statement, which promotes the simple idea of improving the lives of the world’s consumers every day.

P&G is using the London 2012 games to further communicate its core values. The company’s current Olympic-themed global campaign, part of its "proud sponsor of mums" program, honors the amazing mothers behind 2012 Olympic athletes. Campaign magazine recently voted the advertisement amongst the top UK Olympic ads.

Its intense emotional appeal taps into what it’s like to be a mother—the love and support they channel into their aspiring offspring seeking to achieve their Olympic dreams. Since April the ad has been viewed nearly 5.5 million times on YouTube. It has really pulled at the nation’s heartstrings through evocative and inspirational stories that show that being a mum isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding.

The message comes across loud and clear: our mums have cheered and encouraged our sporting heroes and remarkable athletes, providing them with the building blocks for success.

Perfectly encapsulating the essence of the 2012 Games—“To inspire a generation”—the campaign is as inspirational for mothers and children as it is for young adults. Most importantly, it furthers our emotional attachment to P&G brands—enhancing the way they make us think and feel, and ultimately etching a deeper emotional link.

Why not thank your mum for all she has done for you?


Emily Graves is a senior project manager for the Siegel+Gale London office.

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  1. P+G are also running the “Nearest and Dearest” program, which is specifically aimed at providing practical and useful support to the families of the athletes.

    Here’s the launch


    Interesting to see the thought and depth and value of the P+G brand and its branded products being used to such great effect when other sponsors are generating large amounts of negative publicity for creating a captive audience and then over charging them for food and drink which are an anti-thesis to the healthy, active lifestyle that the Olympics are supposed to promote.

  2. Chris Evans from Radio 2 (who are broadcasting live from the Olympics every day) was discussing the P&G family room in the Olympic village, where the athletes and their families can spend valuable time together before & after their event.

    Another tick in the box for P&G getting it right for their well considered 2012 Olympics involvement.


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