A personal legacy

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So here they are—the great and the good. Sporting heroes and world leaders. Assorted stars and celebrities.

There are athletes, officials, judges, referees, doctors, trainers and a whole baggage train of handlers that any modern Olympics needs to be successful.

But most of all, there is you and me. Plain citizens of the world, some lucky enough to live in this great city and some lucky enough to be visitors.

Maybe you are not here for the sport, but for the cultural Olympiad that is taking place at the same time. Yes, I know it has been largely ignored in favour of buff swimmers and brilliant cyclists, but the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad is the “largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Movements.”

The legacy of London 2012 is talked about as being about renewal and development and grand schemes which win elections and leave whole districts changed. But I think that the real legacy of the Olympiad will be that of the million individual stories that will be told.

Friendships will be formed, families will be reunited, love affairs will be started, hearts will be broken and mended and lost and won. Ideas will be floated, discussed and discarded. Opinions will be voiced and jokes and laughter will be shared by many. All the capability and breadth and experience and extraordinary diversity of the human experience will happen and be shared in this one place at this one time.

And the ability to share all of these experiences has never been easier, so whether you are a blogger, Tweeter, Facebooker or MySpacer, your tears and frustrations and lows and highs will be sent across the world in an instant.

Aided and abetted by the wizardry of smartphones, tablets and notebooks, these Olympic Games will be lived and recorded as never before. A myriad stories, thoughts, photos and experiences shared instantly with the world. This is what I will remember from London 2012.

Duncan Caruthers is a business development manager at Siegel+Gale’s London office.

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